2-4 limit poker game

The 2-4 limit game was insane. It featured one complete maniac who was hitting and some really bad regulars that were calling down with very weak hands. There were also a couple solid players in the game. After some beats that would make the baby Jesus cry and dropping $100 or so I maintained my composure and ground it out. Finally the regulars drop away one by one and I’m down 70 bucks an I’m finally left alone with the fish HU. It takes me just over 20 minutes to clean out the fish and turn a $100 loss at that table to a $15.00 gain after the fish busts out.

I’m in the BB and have AKo. EP raises to 5, short stack pushes for 19, 2 calls of the 19 and they are deep. I decide its an easy call figuring that the original raiser will not pop it back I call the 18 from the BB and if an ace or King hits, its an auto push. Original raiser does not reraise and flop comes K high with three spades. I still push and get called by the donater (Please no spade)

Board bricks off and he shows Kd Js. Very nice pot. So things are turning around.

So in short after being down over 350 on some low limit tables, when the games are good, you have to push yourself to stay (I finally closed out my session at 1:30 AM EDT.) The games were +EV and things finally turned around and came back. I posted a total of $120 profit on the night.

It goes to show that the “experts” can be right when they say as long as the game is good, its +EV to stay. I fought off sleep and ground it out to make things work. When the soft spots went broke, I then went to bed. 3 1/2 hour session playing 4-5 tables. Not a bad night.

So after a couple hours with the kid I kinda got through to him and I’ve seen him a couple times since. He has since ditched the sunglasses and last I saw was doing a respectable job at playing the 6-12.

So, all is not lost for the young whipper snappers out there. Give them some time and some good solid advice and see if we can make them better people if not so much better players.