Bonchan: From Mahjong to pro SFV | Esports Unfold

My name is Masato Takahashi. My nickname is Bonchan. I’m from Tokyo, Japan and I’m a professional gamer. Before gaming, my job was “mahjong”. At the mahjong parlour, I was playing it and waiting on the customers.

Basically anything related to mahjong, I was doing it. I met Bonchan for the first time at the mahjong parlour. I started working there one or two weeks before him.

At the time, I was retired from professional gaming. But he was playing a lot, so and he knew who I was. I remember saying to him, “I’m just a name of the past” So we started playing online casino singapore together on a casual basis and became friends. As soon as their shift was over, they would go straight to an arcade to play against each other. And actually, each match was pretty close! I think that Bonchan saw Ume-san as a mentor.

I don’t know what other people think, but from our crew’s point of view, he was pretty strange and I mean that in a good way. None of us expected a random guy from the parlour to be so good! I was also surprised by his ability. As some point, I kind of got fed up with mahjong and the gaming industry was appealing to me.

You know, in Japan mahjong has become… …It’s basically become pure gambling now. It doesn’t have a good reputation. I really don’t like that. So when I was still working at the parlour, I had to set some rules for myself.

And there came a time I had to break those rules because of stronger reasons. It had a lot to do with violence. I thought that I would give in to pressure again and I lost confidence in carrying on. That’s it. That’s the true reason.

I’m revealing this for the first time here. Yup. That’s when I decided to step into the gaming world. Bonchan’s attitude and approach after he became a professional gamer it is… …similar to the style when he was working enthusiastically at the parlour. He tends to set restrictions for himself and always aims only for his goal. His play style often inspires me and I think he is a very patient person.

And his remarkable plays, which always come at a decisive moment they always tend to go beyond my expectations. I’ve been watching Bonchan improve over the years and he has become such a great player. That’s how I became a big fan of his.

I will always be rooting for him. What’s the next step for this industry? Let’s see… …how to step up.

I think its awareness. We need to have more events or activities to show the good side of the sport in a simple way so even others who are unaware will understand. You really should keep your eyes on the world of professional gaming. I want to make the scene better so I can leave my mark on this world.