Hanging in There

The last couple sessions have been interesting to say the least. Mansion has started to get some customers, and they are very action orientated players. They are very LAG and very bad but I was in a couple limit games and a couple NL games (2/4 and 3/6 limit HE) (3/6 limit O8) and (2 NL100)

Things were getting hairy on the 3-6 limit HE. I dropped around 200 and kept running into monsters 3 handed turning straights against flopped full houses in an aggressive game will drop you some chips quick. This was a game where A high was winning 40-50 dollar pots When you start getting coolers in a game like that be prepared to dump some chips. My opponents in this game actually played well, but it was a very aggressive game. I played there like 2 hours and left.

The 3-6 O8 was a really good game. Early on I had little to work with. I would get some really good scooping hands (2nd lock low and nut flush) only for the river to pair up and boat my opponent to counterfeit my high hand. So it was an hour of grind grind grind. The rakeback on a table like that though is enormous so it was well worth it. The game finally got down to 3 handed where you can open up and take the gloves off a bit as you aren’t staring down the nuts all the time. I proceed to go on a tear and rattle off a $120 profit in the game.

The final hand which broke the game up was where I had 789T double suited and called a button raise. This is a hand that you can get away from rather easily even three handed but can make a lot of things happen. (though much mores o in PLO (high only)

Flop came 679 flopping me top two pair and the nuts straight with no low draw. Flop went two or three bets (forgive me I was 5 tabling) turn was the 9 hitting my big full. Went three bets and the river bricked high. I scooped the pot against A266. The game broke.

The NL100 games were your routine games except for this one game where there were some contributors. I had several hands where I stacked medium stacks but the one hand of the night was against a big stack.